Sun Your Bum by the beach

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With the wedding season setting in and many of my friends all set to tie knots with their loved ones; would surely be in the final stages of planning the most memorable holidays of their lives.

Honeymoon! A holiday which stays with you as special memories till the last breath.

So, those of you who have dreamt of this special holiday, to be all about icy cocktails, sundried beaches, fantastic ocean view or experiencing adventure sports by the secluded beaches, either of the way, it sounds like a beachy honeymoon. I think that’s what most of us fantasies for, romancing by the beach and dining by the giant waves.


In all probabilities, Mauritius is the perfect location that would vouch for giving you the absolute experience of the what you have been dreaming for as the ultimate holiday.

This was what I too chose for my honeymoon and believe me, I had such sweet memories and moments to take back that I would cherish forever.

This splendid island has a lot to offer when it comes to luxury hotels or resorts with swanky restaurants and most of them boasting of their private beaches. Almost all the hotels would have some of the best deals to offer for the newly-weds and would not leave any stone unturned in making it the most memorable holiday of your life.


Offers ranging from spa experiential to dinning options would be on the cards for you and your special one by the best of the hotels.

This paradise island would have everything possible that you would have thought of indulging in this romantic paradise. You can call up any hotel and book a honeymoon package or in case you get too confused just seek some travel advise from reputed travel agents or go through blogs which I often do and find them really helpful. They would swarm you with offers for all sorts of budget.

I would personally recommend that do not shy away from going extra mile and adding some extra bucks to your honeymoon budget as this is one thing that I would recommend you not to compromise on. Trust me, you would never get the chance of making it as special as ever and memorable for your life.

Go all out to choose a top notch resort and get pampered at some world class spa, chose an ocean view room on one of the secluded island and savour all the privacy that you can ask for. After all its your honeymoon.

For those looking for some action, do not miss out on experience some adventure sports, catamaran cruising, windsurfing, scubadiving and devouring local cuisine.

So, are you all set for your calm, tranquil and romantic honeymoon to the far off island of Mauritius sunbathing and relaxing with the special one?


I shall bring to you more, on my experience by the soft white beaches and cobalt blue waters of Mauritius and few must dos when you are in this lovely island. Stay tuned for more 🙂

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