A long weekend getaway – Victoria, British Columbia

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While my memories are still fresh and lingering on my mind, this post had to be penned soon.

I am sure by now, you would have guessed what this post is all about. Definitely! It is about my recent surprise trip to Victoria arranged by my amazing husband.

Victoria as we all know is the capital city of British Columbia and is situated in southern tip of Vancouver Island. Names after the Queen Victoria from United Kingdom, Victoria happens to be one of the oldest cities with British Settlement. This “Garden City” boasts of its historic buildings like the British Columbia Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel.


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This city is the best destination to escape from the hurried world if you are approaching a long weekend and living in Canada. Victoria is a perfect weekend getaway offering a  unique blend of old charm with new experiences.


Boasting of the amazing climate, it remains green and beautiful throughout the year. Walking by the harbor and a walk thorough some of the oldest part of Victoria exploring the mysteries and secrets stories behind the city’s hidden history can add on to your experience.

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Getting here is easy and renting a car at the airport can be the best option. If, in doubt kindly approach the information desk at the airport and they can be one of the best advisors for you to decide, how to move ahead.

Victoria is full of Life and has great outdoor adventures within the city limits and the great vistas and mountains follow where ever you go which goes without saying.

Victoria has been blessed with stunning heritage with ocean views and stunning mountain vistas and it is this rare and unique combination of heritage charm, scenic backdrop and modern city-scape that makes Victoria one of the most uniquely special places to be in Canada. With its energetic and vibrant atmosphere it is no surprise that Victoria, B.C is one of the favorite destination for holidayers.

Lots more coming up about what all can you do in this city in three days. So, scratch your head and let your travel bugs bite you, while you start think of your next long weekend coming up and the best way to make your long weekend the most memorable one.




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  1. Wow! Love that architectural heritage. It looks equally beautiful at night.

    • Yes, it is spectacular. A must visit in your travel list. Glad you liked it!

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