Basic 2-point guide to understand your perfume before buying

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How often have you gone to shop for your favorite perfume and have been confused looking at different types of categories for the same perfume.

Many a times, isn’t it? perfume, eau de perfume, eau de cologne, eau de toilette & body splash.. we often wonder what do they actually mean and which one should I opt for?

Here is a two point guide that would answer all your questions on which perfume would be best suited for you.

Point 1: The basic difference between these categories is the percentage of aromatic constituents. Here is the order from the highest to the lowest composition of aromatic compounds under each category.


Point 2 : How long they last?

  • Parfum: These last the longest and usually magnify everything you like about the scent making it even more richer
  • Eau de Pafum: EPDs is the category most noticable to others making them a great option if yu are planning for a date. However, do keep in mind they are not the most optimal option if you are working close quarters or are spending a lot of time in the heat as it makes the smell even stronger.
  • Eau de Toilette : EdTs are the best options for an everyday wear. They are less complex than EdPs and are lower priced, and the best option if you are not sure weather you would adore the fragrance or are not interested in a high investment.
  • Eau de Cologne: This is the other most popular category in case you looking for an everyday wear without much investment. They are meant to be extremely fresh and light and fade away quickly
  • Mist/Splash/Aftershave: They are most dilute and are made to be worn all over and applied frequently and make them the best option for a day out on the beach or hiking or just in case you looking for freshening up after the gym.

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Some of my personal favorites and a must have for all women are:

LOLA  MARC JACOBS : Eau de Parfum


PRADA CANDY : Eau de Toilette

Davidoff Cool Water for Women : Eau de Toilette

Secret Craving by Victoria’s Secret : Fragrance Mist







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