The budding poet

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Hello my lovely readers! This time I am a little confused, as this post does not fit into any section of my general blogging category; however, having said that I could not stop myself from writing about this as well.I … Continued

Travelista @ Dilli Haat

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With the recent buzz on the facebook for the upcoming Travelista festival at Dilli Haat caught my attention. “Going to the event” was my immediate action and update on the facebook wall.The festival which was in its second phase was … Continued

Exploring the beach capital of India

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Thinking of a beach vacation in India? Goa, ofcourse is the obvious and the foremost choice for and holidayer.India has a several beaches around its vast coastline, however, GOA practically is the epicentre of everyone’s thought process, while planning a … Continued

What’s in your beach bag?

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While, I am back to my usual mundane daily chores after a fantastic beachy vacation, its time to start blogging again! As I spent almost one weak rolling on the white sand and flowing away with the giant waves, I … Continued

A Bedouin experience

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While I spoke so much about the serene and charismatic Doha, the visit to this place is incomplete without the exhilarating experience of a desert safari. No visit is complete until you see get to see this eerie landscape for … Continued

Untouched Doha

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As my flight started descending, I looked outside my window, and this barren beauty was just so successful in casting  a spell on me.Doha! Here I landed.   A country, which though covers a tiny part on our world map, … Continued

Confessions of an online shopper

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Just read an article a few days before, on the recent e-Trail trends in online shopping. One of the most obvious trend is the increasing number of women shopping online.Obvious? Because women like anything which has got to do with … Continued

Lock your love forever

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Paris as you all know is the Romance Capital, and the city of lovers. So, whenever you are next in Paris, this is not to be missed.   I think you can just make it an ultimate gift for your … Continued

Romancing in Paris

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Bonjour! Romance, Art, Architecture, Food, Fashion are all synonymous to Paris. It is one of the best places you can be with when you are with your loved one, however, without your romance partner the city will entrap you in … Continued

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