Cha bar gives a new definition to tea drinking

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This one is for the ardent tea lovers! Me growing up in Assam, one of the major tea hubs across the world, makes this post a must on my blog.
Nestled in the heart of this capital city, New Delhi, Cha Bar, has given a new definition to drinking tea, rather teas, is what I should say.
More than 100 varieties of tea, anything that you can imagine, be it for the health conscious ones, or the experimentalists, or be it the traditional tea drinkers, this  tea bar has a lot to offer!
This place has been successful in turning tea from the dry pages of history to giving it a new style and turning it into a lifestyle drink for today’s urban and contemporary youth.
Ambience & Décor
Set up with the shared space of the Oxford Bookstore in Delhi, I strongly feel that the concept of Cha Bar is unique and one of its kind. The experience of browsing books at leisure, reading while sipping a wonderful cup of tea and leafing through the pages of the latest book is something that will bring me back to this place again and again.


While I liked the overall ambiance and set up of the place, but the background music seemed to be louder than what it should have been for a place like this. Most of the people sitting there seemed to be the ones who came to catch up with their old friends or a few who were more engrossed in concluding their  final balance-sheets, which was all set to be mailed to their boss sitting in office after a refreshing tea at Cha bar.


The elegant clay pots from Japan to exquisite kettles from Morroco are sure to grab your attention. Cha bar believes in serving not only varieties of teas, but that too in style. Every tea is served in a different kettle which is unique in itself.


Menu & Food
From rich to flavoured, light to strong, fragrance to  taste, CHA BAR offers a wide variety of choice for the tea lovers.  The selection of teas ranges from the exotic Chinese and Japanese green teas, Typhoo teas, Assam and Darjeeling teas, Ayurvedic and Herbal teas to Diet and Flowering teas etc. It’s almost like any type of tea that you could imagine, finds space in its tea collection.
The menu is sure to leave you confused wanting to try almost every type of tea on the cards. Surely after much debate, you would freeze on one along with the next to-be-tried tea during your subsequently visit already planned by the time you place your first order.


Though I played safe by ordering Blackcurrent Ice Tea ( oh by the way the picture below is my dear friend, not me) , however, as I mentioned above, I am surely going to try flowering teas in my next visit.
While Cha bar has an extensive drinks menu, it does not leave you disappointed with the food menu as well. Though not unique; it has few varieties of sandwiches and salads.
The highlight of the food menu is range of tea cakes and other baked deserts that you would find in its small but classified bakery.

Scope for improvement:

The staff needs to be more hospitable. May offering help/recommendation of what to try out depending on ones interest can be an add on.
I was a little lost being a first time visitor being all confused with what to try and what to miss.
It can improve a lot of the food menu. The paneer wraps that we ordered were a total failure, leaving me scared to try anything else on the menu to eat.
Pay the bill:
The drinks are very easy on your pocket. You would not find anything beyond Rs 150 in the menu card, be it tea or anything to eat.
Order to two would cost you anything between Rs 300 – Rs 400
“Bride who knows nothing”‘s  ratings:
Ambience: 3.5
Drinks : 4
Staff: 2.5
Price: 4
How would you reach there?

Landmark: Outer Circle in CP, just opposite to Statesman House and almost next to adidas original showroom is the Oxford Bookstore


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  1. This is interesting.. 🙂

  2. i miss the old Cha bar though..but this looks great..will visit soon 🙂

  3. Flowering tea is amazing. I once accidentally bumped into a chai shop (oops I dont recall the name now) in one of the Gurgaon malls. Not knowing what to order, I ordered a marigold flowering tea…and u wont believe..i drank the entire pot alone…superbly refreshing and yumm..FAB !!!

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