Dreaming of a perfect body on your D-day?

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With your wedding date approaching closer, and you dreaming of a perfect body…
Seems like you girls are really working hard at the gym, day and night?
What else can be more disappointing if your gym instructor asked you to go on a protein diet from today onwards? Was the torture not enough at the gym that he has now started hounding your all the time, by restricting your diet as well.
This can get all the more worse, if you end up being a vegetarian!
Well my lovely ladies and soon the brides to be, believe me this sacrifice would be worth this temporary loss.
So, I just thought let me offer some solution to your current woes and be like that good friend who came to your rescue that this crucial moment.
This specially is dedicated for my Vegan friends who out of STRESS might just not be able to think of some easy high protein options lying with you.
  • Soy Milk : As much as you hate it, start drinking Soy milk. You would get various brands available in the market offering Soy milk. It has a rich protein content and drinking it for s super sexy and a perfect figure is not too much that has been asked for is what I feel.
  • Paneer / Tofu : I am sure, if you are a vegetarian you would surely love paneer. After all that is the richest delicacy a vegetarian can get in the main course meal. Sorry no offence please! So, it time for you can experiment some interesting dishes with Paneer.
  • Chickpeas : A low-fact legume, rich in protein, used as a staple food throughout much of India. Try out some innovative quick and easy salads that  you can make out of this.
  • Nuts: To curb your munching desires, I would suggest for the time being replace it with some high protein nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts etc.

So, all the best and get going girls!

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