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Are you getting severe hunger pangs? Looking for slurppy food? Do you want to forget for a few hours about the crash diet which was in progress? Ahh.. Am I trying to deviate you from all the efforts that you have put in losing a few inches in the last few days…

Then.. I must say you are absolutely RIGHT!

Located in the heart of the Delhi’s designer hub, Shahpurjat, is Potbelly Rooftop Cafe & Kitchen. This eatery has something to offer on its menu card, that you have never heard before -“Gourmet Bihari Cuisine”. Agreed? Never heard before, Right? A restaurant offering delicacies from Bihar?

Ambience & Decor

This rooftop restaurant has lovely treetop view to offer until and unless you plan to look down the window. The view is pleasant only if its at 180 degree level. The undressed windows allow the sunlight to brighten the place, rooftop with green chatai and cane woven lampshades adds vibrancy to it.

The bright blue Mediterranean style glassware and terracotta cutlery are really admirable. The rusticated and old furniture with warm coloured upholstery was a pleasant change for the eyes.

Seemed like the place has been done very smartly with some old left over furniture and easy on the pocket for initial investment. I strongly feel some designer’s creative juices have been blended well in this place. Very Kitsch!

The restaurant is divided in two sections – indoor and outdoor. The outdoor seating is more vibrant and like a terrace garden. The idea to sip coffee and have maggie during winters will immediately hit your mind :). The plants are well managed and add a freshness to the entire place. Delhi never before seemed so green to me 🙂

The backdoor entrance might be a putoff, while discovering the main entry might be delightful as the spiralled staircase would lead you straight to the terrace.

Food :

Colourful menu cards with innovative names for the dishes gave rise to the perfect dehati appetite in me and my mates.

Reading the menu aloud and giggling among ourselves, Aloo McLalu Chop, Machli Goli, Bihari Burger, Dehati Phish we freezed on Phish Phingers, Chicken & Mutton basket for starters. The deep fried and crisp snack was filled with fresh minced mutton and chicken which melted as soon as we put it in our mouth. This left us salivating for more and more.

Mutton and Chicken basket for starters
Phish Fingers

Like hungry birds we ordered extensive meal, seemed like we have been starving for ages. Soon we decided on Gol Mirch Chicken, Litti Chicken, and Mutton Chap after much debate. All the three dishes had a flavour of its own to offer. Gol Mirch chicken being boneless in creamy white pepper masala accompanied by laccha parathas and saboodana pakoras. Totally mouthwatering!

Gol Mirch Chicken

Could’nt have left the place without the traditional Litti Chokha and hence Litti Chicken was our choice. Served with two types of chokha one being the mashed potato and aubergines the baked litties are filled with sattu. Beware, this dish can be so heavy and you might exhaust all your appetite which you were trying to use for trying some more dishes

The traditional Litti Chicken with Chokha
Slurppy Mutton Chap with Boondi Raita

Scope for improvement:

Need to work on the dessert menu as it was missing and did not have much option. We were looking for some traditional bihari desert

The staff can be trained better as they seemed to be complementing the total Bihari experience… I don’t know if it is good or bad, intentional or unintentional.

Pay the bill:

Meal for two might cost you anything between 750-1000

“Bride who knows nothing”‘s My ratings:

Ambience : 3.5
Food : 4
Staff : 2.5
Price: 4

How would you reach there?
Landmark : Behind UCO Bank ATM in Shahpurjat

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  1. will definitely plan a visit to this place

  2. M so dying to go there in winters now…. wanna have maggi in the colourful ambience…. with all these mouth watering pictures…. u ahve left me salivating Swati… 🙂

  3. Oh Swati..everything about this place is so enticing.. 😛 I am definitely gonna try.. 🙂

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