Lemon & Mint Ice Tea in three simple steps

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With the summers setting in full swing, I was looking for something which is refreshing and fresh at the same time to quench my thirst.

However, one thing that I always keep in mind is hassel-free recipes.

With this in my mind, I recently tried my hands on refreshing home-made lemon and mint ice tea.

There is hardly any struggle that anyone would have to make to get this out of your kitchen. I am sure; a few smart ones would be able to design this recipe on their own. Believe me, there is no rocket science to it.

Here’s how I made it!

I will list down in three simple BAD (Boil-Add-Dress) steps:

  • BOIL two glasses of water and add half tea-spoon of tea powder to it and let it boil for 2-3 mins. It would be better, if you use green tea bags instead of tea powder, and leave it for a short while in the warm water.
  • Next is ADD a few slices of lemon (atleast one whole lemon) and few fresh mint leaves ( not more than 6-8 for two glasses) from your kitchen garden, to this tea water and let it rest for a while. In case you want it quick, you can chose to squeeze a lemon juice, however, I prefer to let it rest with lemon slices and mint leaves so that the water takes in the full flavor.
  • Add powdered sugar basis your taste about two table spoon. Some might prefer without sugar too!
  • Add ice cubes to a nice tall glass and add the ice tea and DRESS with a lemon and mint leaves.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is, the appropriate proportion of lemon and mint, as excess of any of it might ruin the taste. Striking the right balance is important. Rest, depends on your taste-buds how would you want to twist it.


And here you are to rock-and-roll with your home made Lemon and Mint Ice Tea.


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  1. Looks super refreshing… 🙂

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