Let’s fight for breast cancer together!

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Hello everyone! While it was my first event that I attended as a blogger, I must say, it was a good start.Wonderful cause to support, experienced bloggers and real life experiences all left me high spirited.

The meet was very interactive and representatives from Indian Cancer Society did help us know some hidden causes and ways of early detection to this scary disease, Breast Cancer.

Coming straight from the real life experiences of many women, be it young or old lack of awareness is the major cause of this dreadful disease. While we think it is only the uneducated or rural class of society who consider it to be a social stigma, it came as a surprise when they informed that it is not true. The educated and the urban society however, urbanised they are seems are still nothing better than the former.

EARLY DETECTION is the most important, point that I could gather of this informative discussion. The early you detect the easier it is to cure with almost 100% recovery rates. While this is important, it is all the more important to know how can you be cautious and ensure an early detection. Doctors recommended :

  • Self breast examination – Every month
  • Clinical examination – Once every year
  • Mamography : Atleast once in every five year
  • Ultrasound : Once in every three years specially for the younger ones

This can happen to anyone at any age and these days is mostly found in the urban women. As a result it is also called the disease of the empowered women, due to the high stress levels that they suffer from. Hence it is better to be careful rather than regret later.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle, following good eating habits like eating small meals and eating nutritive food is the key to stay away from this disease which gradually is turning into an epidemic.

To strike a balance between this serious conversation and make us feel a little lighter, Hard Rock Cafe was all set with their special PINK menu for us as it enters into its 14th year of its signature Breast Cancer Awareness programme.

I decided to freeze on Straweberry Basil Lemonade from their special PINKTOBER menu and mouth watering bruschettas.



To support this cause Hard Rock Cafe decides to donate its proceeds from their month long charity efforts to ElleOgaan Cancer Foundation.

I supported by wearing Pink, how do you plan to support it?

Lets hear it from you. Do share it with us your idea of spreading awareness for breast cancer.

After all “Awareness” is the key to stay away from it.

Important Information : Indian Cancer Society has detection centers where you can go for regular check-ups
Address : 
Cancer Detection Centre
42 Babar Road
New Delhi – 110001

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