Let’s go bananas over Banana Cake

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It has been hovering on my mind for long and I had to share this post with you my lovely readers.I am not such a big fan of bananas, however, I am sure many of you are.While I do not like to have it in the form of fruit, but love it when served in different forms. My favorite ones being pies, puddings and ofcourse cakes!With this I recently tried my hands on this perfect recipe to make the most fluffy, moist, and soft banana cake.

I think I just love myself for this.

It is simple, easy and a must try for the newbies in the kitchen. I don’t think you can find cake baking easier than this ever.

Here it goes.

Ingredients :

170gm flour
170gm sugar
170 gm butter
2 – 3 ripe bananas
few drops of vanila essence
3 eggs
1 tsp of baking soda


Blend 3 eggs in a blender

Add the flour gradually in the blender with the egg and blend again so that it mixes well

Now add the bananas to the flour and the egg batter and blend it again so that the mixture is well mixed and there are no lumps

Now add sugar and blend again.

Take out the mixture in a vessel and  add butter, baking soda and nuts and mix well for few minutes. Ensure you stir it in one direction only


Incase this is difficult, add melted butter and baking soda to the mixture in blender and blend it again.

Now grease a cake tin and pour the mixture in it. Decorate with a few more nuts and place it in a preheated oven at 160 C.

Bake it for about 30 – 45 mins and it is all set to be served!

Ummmm! I am sure your would love this full flavored banana cake.

All set to try this weekend? Let me know your feedback.

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  1. Seems Yummmmmmmm….. I want I want I want!

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