Looking for easy solution to perfect weight, glowing skin and more…. HERE’S HOW?

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imageWhen nature gives you lemons, there is much more you can do then making lemonades. From eliminating odors to juicing up your daily beauty regime, this little wonder offers big surprises.

So, if you are struggling from some common problems, be it of having a glowing skin or managing a perfect weight balance, Lemon comes to your rescue.

Here’s how?

Skin: In winters we all usually suffer from dry skin. To get rid of this dryness we all take help of the expensive moisturizing lotions which burn a big hole in the pocket and do not prove to be of much help most of the time. Here, is an easy solution which you can try at home without much hassel.
• All you need to do is to squeeze one lemon and mix with rose water and glycerin in 1:1:2 ratio.
• Apply this regularly every night before going to bed and see how soft and supple your skin feels next morning.
• Not only this, it also makes to look fairer day by day.

Hair: How often do you suffer from the problem of dandruff? Yes, with the winters setting in, this is the most common problem that most of us tend to suffer. This is when the lemon shows its wonders.
• Just squeeze one lemon on your scalp directly and rub it all over the scalp.
• Leave it for 30 -45 mins and shampoo your hair.
• This not only helps you get rid of the ugly white flakes but also add shine and bounce to your hair.

Weight: Increase in weight is one problem that we all women dread of.
• All you need to do is squeeze in one lemon in a glass full of luke warm water and drink every morning.
• This paves the way for losing weight faster and serves as one of the best remedy for losing weight.
• It also flushes excessive toxins out of your body making your job easier to achieve the perfect weight target.

Nails: We all love well manicured nails and what better can it be when we can get the perfect and natural French manicure at home that too without spending a bomb? Your mom would be really proud of you when you make full use of the left over lemon in the kitchen after your mom is just done making an amazing healthy salad.
• Just rub the already squeezed lemon on the nails back and forth.
• You can also choose to go a step ahead and add a juice of one lemon to warm water and soak your finger tips in it for 5-10 minutes. Believe me the results would be salon worthy that too without a professional manicurist.

Simple and easy, isn’t it? Yet we tend to overlook some of the most easily accessible options available, just at drop of a hat.

Hope your guys find these remedies and solutions helpful.

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