Must visit: Long Weekend getaway from Alberta

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Hellow everyone! Seems like lately I was bitten by travel bug again. With the recent long weekend, all that my mind could concentrate on was; where next?

We recently moved to Calgary from Edmonton, a much bussier and bigger city which probably puts us at ease when it comes to chalking out any travel plans.  For me, benefits are; cutting down on my travelling time, more accessible and cheaper flights, more options for weekend holidays/road trips.

While I have decided to take baby steps when it comes to exploring new places and keep my travelling passion alive without getting too heavy on my pocket. So, we have already started with the country we live in. The beautiful Canada.

Though I have tick marked a few of the most popular places being Niagra and Victoria, so this time it was to explore the other part of the Beautiful BC. The summer being at its peak, the beach based long weekend was the perfect fit by the shores of the Okanagan Valley in Kelowna.

Well known for it’s lakes, beaches, wine yards and orchards I was already looking forward for a relaxing weekend. Kelowna is located midway along the eastern shoreline of Oakanagan lake in Oakanagan Valley. The lake stretches about 110km from Vernon in north to Penticton in South. So, the beauty is indescribable in words. It is just breathtaking.

Huge rocky mountains on one side and unending stretch of water on the other just looks spectacular. The blue-green and emerald colour of the water just makes the scenery picturesque.

With it being a long weekend, the most difficult part was to get a hotel booking, so a learning for all; please plan in adavnce. I happened to be lucky enough to find a nice hotel despite of all being sold out for long weekend. Seems like God was with me on this :).  We found a hotel in Vernon which is about 45 mins before Kelowna. Believe me, I am somehow proud of making the decision of living in Vernon; we loved the city so much that we just started dreaming of our retirement home in Vernon.

The city is home for outstanding golf courses, beach – water activities, scenic trails and lot more. And if you happen to own a boat, nothing like it. The fun just doubles up in no time

This part of the province is blessed with ample sunshine ideal for growing and producing wine and offers unbeatable locations by the shores of Okanangan Valley. With limitless outdoor opportunities, there is no shortage of culture with a thriving dining scene defined by the local bounty. Here are my top 5 picks of why look no further for a perfect summer weekend getaway.

Enjoy the breathtaking views

Regardless of where you are in this province the incredible views would always be a treat to your eyes. You would want to capture each and very mountain and lake observations in your click. The vast lake would always make you think, is it a lake or an ocean. The endless blue body would be so inviting that you would just not want to be back in the hustle bustle of the daily and just keep yourself immersed in the calm blue waters.


Experience the Wine trail

With its sunny climate and warm temperature Oakanagan valley is a home for some of the world-class wineries. It is well known for its spectacular vineyards producing premium quality award-winning wines More than 200 wineries are located in the Oakanagon region. All wineries offer wine tours lasting from 20 minutes to a few hours giving you a sneak peak of the variety of grapes in their vineyards and how each vintage is lovingly bottled by hand.


Love for u-pick

The Oakanagan region of British Columbia enjoys a growing climate of sunny days and dry heat yielding glorious results at numerous farmers markets. You can head to local farms to check-out the on-site bounty, or pick-up seasonal specialties all by yourself. The fun is to hand pick fruits all by yourself be it climbing the trees . No doubt the cherries would taste sweeter after the effort that has gone in to pick them.


Get tanned by the beach

This goes without saying, its time to get your beach wear out and soak yourself in the blue-green waters of the Oakanagon Valley. Get all geared up for a water boat ride, kayaking and host of other water activities thereby soaking your bum by the sun and watch the sun go down


Eat the Boho style

This part enjoys a diverse and rich food scene ranging from street side cafes to elegant bistros. Look forward to wine restaurants, farm-to-table dining or organic multi-course dining, it has you all covered. Think about enjoying your meal overlooking the rows of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the terrace restaurants offers stylish, seasonal wine country fare to compliment wines.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Please share your thoughts. I do have more coming up from Beautiful BC.


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