No bake, Eggless Tiramisu

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It is perfect and apt to its name. You just cant resist from it. It really lifts you up.

I being a coffee buff, I like anything that has coffee or its flavor . Be it ice-creams or desserts or cakes or not to forget the must have morning cup of coffee. Seems like my day starts with it and ends with it!

Tiramisu, is therefore the obvious dessert in my list of favorites. Today, I will share with you one of the most easiest and the quickest way of preparing it in your kitchen, and I promise you will be flooded with praises for doing an awesome job in it without much effort. No egg. No Bake. Effortless!

However, the slight effort that you would need would be the pre-prep, but I am sure, even those would be readily available in everyone’s kitchen.

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10-15 ladysfinger bicuits

1 cup water

3tbsp instant coffee powder

1 miniature bottle of kahlua

1/2 cup confectioners sugar

2/3 cup cold heavy cream / whipped cream

1tsp vanilla essence

2/3 cup of mascarpone cheese (at room temperature)

cocoa powder for dusting


Mix the instant coffee powder with water and add the miniature bottle of Kahlua for the kick

Now take a shallow square glass bowl for layering the ladyfinger cookies and just pour very little of the coffee mixture, enough for the cookies to just soak up the entire mixture.

Dip each cookie in the coffee mixture and start layering on the glass tray.

Now whip the cream, sugar and vanilla essence in a separate bowl until the cream starts forming peaks

Gently add in the mascarpone at the room temperature and start mixing with the cream mixture

Start folding the cream mixture on the dipped ladysfinger and dust a little cocoa powder and little coffee powder on it.

Now repeat the same process by another layer of coffee dipped ladysfinger biscuits and top it with the cream layer.

Generously dust cocoa powder and coffee powder and let it settle in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

And tadaaa… your yummy eggless tiramisu is ready!







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