The budding poet

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Hello my lovely readers! This time I am a little confused, as this post does not fit into any section of my general blogging category; however, having said that I could not stop myself from writing about this as well.I … Continued

Travelista @ Dilli Haat

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With the recent buzz on the facebook for the upcoming Travelista festival at Dilli Haat caught my attention. “Going to the event” was my immediate action and update on the facebook wall.The festival which was in its second phase was … Continued

The Pink Power

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Pink! I am all set to get pink with Pinktober this month. Pinktober, is a wonderful initiative by Hard Rock Cafe and Elle-Ogaan Cancer Foundation to support the cause for Breast Cancer. Well.. pink has been my all time favorite … Continued

In Delhi Belly’s POTBELLY

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Are you getting severe hunger pangs? Looking for slurppy food? Do you want to forget for a few hours about the crash diet which was in progress? Ahh.. Am I trying to deviate you from all the efforts that you … Continued

Unmatched Goan cuisine, to die for!

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I have heard so much about Goan cuisine. Could not afford to miss it while I was spending almost six days in this lovely city which boasts of its beaches, culture and yes, of course cuisine!I was all set and … Continued

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