Baby violets in your kitchen

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It’s been long that “The bride who knows nothing” have cooked something. So, this come at a special request from a reader and an old friend straight from the brides kitchen.Eggplants, I am not sure if many of you are … Continued

Exploring the beach capital of India

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Thinking of a beach vacation in India? Goa, ofcourse is the obvious and the foremost choice for and holidayer.India has a several beaches around its vast coastline, however, GOA practically is the epicentre of everyone’s thought process, while planning a … Continued

What’s in your beach bag?

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While, I am back to my usual mundane daily chores after a fantastic beachy vacation, its time to start blogging again! As I spent almost one weak rolling on the white sand and flowing away with the giant waves, I … Continued

A Bedouin experience

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While I spoke so much about the serene and charismatic Doha, the visit to this place is incomplete without the exhilarating experience of a desert safari. No visit is complete until you see get to see this eerie landscape for … Continued

Untouched Doha

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As my flight started descending, I looked outside my window, and this barren beauty was just so successful in casting  a spell on me.Doha! Here I landed.   A country, which though covers a tiny part on our world map, … Continued

GYM-less Excuses

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You don’t need a gym membership to melt that unwanted flab of your body and look fit. You can do it at home, if you have that…… Determination. DETERMINATION! Yes, that’s the key achieve a fit and perfect body. It’s … Continued

NEON it up this monsoon

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With the monsoon season setting in, this post was a must to find space in the bride who knows nothing.Just think about how can you prep up your wardrobe this monsoon season with colorful rompers, bright flips,  brilliant printed umbrellas, … Continued

PoweRING fashion

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Fashion knows no boundaries. No part of your body is off-limits of dressing up and accessorizing it in your style.With chunky bracelets, metallic pendents and funky earrings, you will hardly face any problem in standing out, wherever you are.So, here … Continued

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