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Fashion knows no boundaries. No part of your body is off-limits of dressing up and accessorizing it in your style.With chunky bracelets, metallic pendents and funky earrings, you will hardly face any problem in standing out, wherever you are.So, here is a new trend this summer! Piling on rings has been quite a hit for sometime now!

How about accessorizing your fingers this sunny season, according to your personality?

Bold : When fashion takes the dark mysterious turn, then it is huge stones embedded in black metal. The bold and the beautiful.

Chic : When elegance and sophistication defines you, it is huge semi precious crystal stones engraved in heavy metal

Classic : Perfection and Quality is what you are all about, then its gold and silver

Hippie : Craziness is all that defines you; then its quirky metallics with funky, rocky, edgy castings that help you set your own statement.

And the most recent trend alert!

Latest bit of bling is the, small mid finger rings. These rings are worn just above the knuckles to add a delicate embellishment.

So, its time to invade your younger sister’s rings collection and this time she cannot say, “It will not fit you.”

What do you think? A trend worth trying?


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  1. Definitely a trend worth playing… 😉 More power to you!

  2. I have got tons of chunky jewellery but never wore it.. But I think I will now 😉

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