Revisiting my bong connection

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While, I raved so much about the high-end American breakfast last week; it was time for me to get my feet back on the ground.As you all would be knowing that blogging is my hobby and not a profession, however at the same time I always want to live upto my readers expectations, of bringing them, some of the must try food options available in the city.We all have days, when we can treat ourselves to an extravagant  feast, while a few when, we don’t want to compromise on our tickling tastebuds, which have been craving for some inviting food lately.This time I was looking for some pocket-friendly options without compromising on my love for food.

So, I headed to the one and only Bengali hub in Delhi. Yes! You have guessed it right. CR Park, it is.

My connection with the bong food, dates long back, almost since my birth. Having spent most of my childhood with a Bengali family and having many close bong friends around, it was much needed, that I revive my long lost taste buds. Also, off late I have been missing my bong community a lot!

With severe hunger pangs, I tagged along with two of my friends and drove down to the streets of this self acclaimed bong country in the city to feast on some authentic Bengali delicacies.

“Maa Tara” was where we landed. The name itself is quite bong, isn’t it?

Ambience & Decor

If you are ok with not-so-fine dining experience and are looking for a good value for money, Maa Tara is the place to be. Crowded with mostly Bengali community, the place will anyway make you feel a part of the same clan. The place is best suited, if you only looking for an authentic food experience leaving the ideas of a good ambience back home. In such a case the restaurant is a perfect fit to treat your stomach without burning a huge hole on your pocket.

Menu & Food

As the focus still continues to be food, the restaurant has an extensive menu ranging from veritable luchis to mach to the unbeatable ghugni.

We ordered Chicken kosha which was to die for. The authentic Chingri Malai curry was a bit of a dampner, despite it being one of the most expensive dish in the entire menu. It tasted a little bland with less spices although it looked quite appealing. Sukto, which is an traditional mixed vegetable, was a thumbs up.

The luchis were exceptionally good, so good that we ended up ordering and eating 14 luchis among three of us. I am sure, this explains it all.

Exhaustive Menu : Range of Bengali cuisine
Chicken Kosha : Slurrp! Slurrp!
Chingri Malai Curry : Quite appealing
Sukto : A thumbs up!

 Scope for improvement

The location of the restaurant can be improved and can have a front entry, if possible rather the back entry.

The space is very limited with not more than six tables, leaving a long waiting behind. May be with the growing popularity they can make some investment and look for expanding it.

Although the restaurant is very clean and tidy, they need to work a little on their service. May be a little quick.

Pay the bill :

Very pocket friendly. As this time we were three, the meal for three costed us not more than Rs.950, luckily there are no services charges that you have to pay here.

You can be a little generous to leave a fair tip behind.

“The bride who knows nothing”‘s ratings

Ambience : 2.5/5
Food : 3.5/5
Staff : 2.5/5
Price : 4/5

How to reach there?

Just head towards CR Park Market 2. Either ask someone of else the restaurant has a back entry and is just behind Annapurna sweet shop.

Are you all set to bring out the BANGALI in you?

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  1. Loveeee it Swati:)

  2. This food looks so darn delicious, I can’t tell you Swati…For the first time ever, I am craving for Bong food… all thanks to u.. 😛

  3. So you got back to where your heart is. This makes me yearn to visit c.r park all the more. I miss the winter evenings and the taste of ghuguni in my mouth.

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