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I am sure, all of you reading this blog post will be able to revisit some of your old childhood memories. There is hardly anyone who in those days of innocence did not love playing in the rain, as much you get scolded by your parents. You hardly cared!

Without missing any chance of making full use of the monsoon, getting drenched, playing in the muddy puddles one thing which is a common among all of us is the paper boat J. Isnt it? Even if one hated the rain, would not miss making these paper boats and ask the other can you please sail my boat too!

Yes, these were the exact thoughts that came to my mind when I got an email from Paper Boat to send me samples of this refreshing drink. The package that arrived was really impressive with the bright coloured jute orange bag which was full of the out of box flavours which I have never had before.



These colourful bottles were so enticing that I just could not stop myself from trying the most interesting flavor, KOKUM. A fruit which is quite popular in the west, however I never heard of it before. And all I did was just twisted the easy to open sealed cap and gulped the drink in one go! Leaving me craving for more…



Folks behind Paper Boat:

Not many drinks have a story to tell, a story which is common to all. This new entrant in the market is run by industry veterans from various backgrounds. The bunch of crazy guys who make home at work are Neeraj Kakkar, James Nutall, Suhas Mishra and Neeraj Biyani.  These fantastic four come from leading universities of Wharton School of Business, IIM and more.

About the drink:

Paper Boat comes in some common and uncommon flavours like AAMras, AAMpanna, to KOkum, JALjeera, JAmun KALA Khatta, GOLgappe ka Pani, IMli

The drinks do not contain any junk and have added natural flavours. No colours and no preservatives. Which means, you are drinking a healthy and refreshing drink without risking your health.



Flavours I like!

Loved the flavours which you do not find usually, something which is rare, yet, takes to back to get connected with the real world. Golgappe ka pani, Jaljeera, Jamun Kala Khatta, Kokum, Imli… And Aampanna and Aamras. Oh! I realized they are all my favorite 🙂

Some of the flavours have added salt, spices and condiments etc which give it a real Indian taste.






Loved the curvy paper bottles. This time I would like to list down some pointers which are worth considering why Paper Boat


  •  The bottles are light weight at they are paper bottles
  • Easy to hold due to the curvy design and light to hold while drinking
  • The nozzle like cover of the bottle makes it easy to drink and gives the feel of you drinking from a bottle
  • Once done, you can just fold the bottle and keep in your bag in case you can’t find a bin around. It will not add any weight to your bag.
  • The bottles are so colourful and attractive, that you would not want to hold on to yourself. Just go get it!


Where to find?

This drink has already hit some of the leading retail stores in India.

I was thrilled when I saw them just after receiving this parcel while, I was travelling on an IndiGo flight. So, yes, when you are next on a IndiGo flight do not missing trying one. It is a part of their in-flight menu.

Not only this, if you have just entered the airport after the crazy traffic and heat, just beat the heat with Paper Boat’s Aampanna. It is the most refreshing one and is available at all airports.

It is also available at twenty four seven stores across Delhi.

Price you have to pay

Hey, guys, it is very easy on your pocket, as is just Rs 30 for a 250ml pouch.

So, get, set, go. What are you waiting for? Let’s hear what you have to say.



In case you want to know more about them

Visit their website:

Join them on facebook:

Kindly note: All views expressed here are mine and it is not a paid review.  


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