St.ART walking into the colourful lanes of Delhi Belly

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“Look. Art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries, art doesn’t really have judgment in its purest form. So just go, just go.”

This saying has come so true with the St-ART Delhi project. A project that has been initiated to bring together some of the best Indian and International Street artists for 50 days of unlimited madness with art.




DilliDallying recently organized this wonderful treat for our eyes, and simply made it an awesome Sunday for the participants. They took us through the lanes of Delhi Belly’s Shahpur Jat, an urban village with a historic significance, which I am sure, not many of us knew about. This urban village that comprises mostly of migrants from UP and Bihar has now taken a new turn and soon is on the verge to become an art hub in the city.





Already known to be a hub for the budding designers is now acting as a platform to showcase urban art of various artists to express their thoughts and views through their eyes in various art forms.

This walk entailed a glimpse of many historical and social layers of Shahpur Jat and its recent encounter with international street art, weaving the contemporary narrative of this urban village in Delhi.



Every graphitti had a story of its own. Some were talking about women empowerment through portraying a women of the gulabi gang while a few trying to go back to the rich Indian cinema history and commemorating the classics through their art.




Every corner of this urban village is turning into landmarks through this art. It was really wonderful to read the artists thoughts through their creations. One of wall had various people with their binoculars and cameras, on questioning the artist we found that they were trying to find the best click of nature through their lenses, however alas! Nature is getting destroyed. People can rarely find anything to capture. Loved the thoughts of the artist.



As we all know a picture can speak thousand words, this entire experience was a perfect justification to this saying. Every picture in those colourful lanes had the ability to submerge you, your thoughts, your emotions and your entire being into it.

So, if you want a short break from your monotonous life it’s a perfect place to run away into a surreal world of your own.

It was a superb experience for me! Do you want yours?

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  1. Simply amazing! Wonder how they have the patience to splash such creativity on the walls! Brilliant

  2. This is brilliant..

  3. Rakesh Mehrotra

    It is nice to know about it and awasome

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