Want to control your food cravings? This is how…

Want to control your food cravings? This is how…

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Are you getting worried of your burgeoning waist line?

Is your craving for food, all set to sabotage your diet plans?

Here are some tips that will help you keep a control on your unnecessary food cravings between the three meals that you have during the day. However, before you go ahead, there are two most important traits that you need to imbibe to follow these and keep you dream alive of a fit body.

First being strong determination

Second being patience.

Yes, once you have these, below will be a cake walk for you all.

• Drink a glass or two of water whenever the food cravings hit you. This will momentarily fill your stomach for few hours and by then, I am sure you would have forgotten about the delicious food that you have been slurping about. Also, drinking water will help you in glowing skin as well.

• Another option for winning over such cravings is opting for green tea. Trust me there are so many options available in the market, which are good to make you feel good even when you are being deprived of delectable cuisine. Best is; most of the options available in herbal or green tea do not require sugar or milk.

• If still the cravings are not satisfied, try chewing gum. This is a good exercise for your gums as well. And is a very good trick to divert your mind from thinking about food and will save you the calories by quenching your appetite.

• To meet your immediate hunger pangs, do keep Marie or Snacks biscuits handy with you. In no time it will extinguish your cravings and dampen your appetite. Try to confine yourself with not more than two or three at a time. Supplement it with either green tea or a glass of water and you will be all set.

• Another option is to opt for fruits. It is always better to gorge on fresh fruits or vegetables which do not add to your existing fat and are one of the healthiest options.

• Carry roasted nuts / grams and you can keep munching them whenever you are hit by such sever hunger pangs. You can also look at trying low calorie snacks like pop-corn in such situations.

Above all, learn to stay happy and stress free as these are the biggest trigger of cravings and learning to stay away from them can help you from putting on some additional calories.

It is not that difficult guys!

Experts do say that cravings do not last for more than ten minutes. So, it’s these ten minutes that you need to deal with. Try and indulge in various practices that help you distracting your mind. There is so much you can do – listen to music, watch television, talk to your friend who helps you remain motivated to abide by your food resolutions.

A little trick for yourself and you are all set to stand by your resolutions.

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    I know chewing gum works.. but green tea – I am gonna try it. Sounds interesting

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